What is RPX? Well the short of it is it’s an acronym for Regal Premium Experience and it’s offered by Regal Cinemas nationwide. According to their site it’s available in 12 theaters right now (http://www NULL.regmovies NULL.com/rpx/). Po-dunk NH seems to have one, just recently installed, not even open for a month. I didn’t seek this out, I’m just lucky.

I’ve seen plenty of movies on different screens like IMAX (Tron:Legacy most recently) and IMAX has a lot to offer, but what is RPX going to give me? My only one concern with it is unlike IMAX, it’s just a way to show a movie. IMAX is a different way to shoot the movie, much larger frame, and if you saw Tron:Legacy in IMAX 3D then you should understand. Tron:Legacy was brilliantly presented in standard film stock and IMAX in addition to 2D and 3D, only turning to IMAX 3D when they were on the Grid, the real world was 2D standard film stock. RPX Doesn’t have this, is that going to set it appart? In a good or bad way?

I took advantage of a Living Social promotion (http://livingsocial NULL.com/deals/28498-two-movie-tickets) a while back that gave me 2 tickets to a movie purchased through Fandango.com for $9 with the price of movie tickets (with or without IMAX or 3D and heaven forbid 3D IMAX!) it was a steal. Being smart I read the fine print and it’s technically a $30 Gift Card for $9.

As you can see from some of my other posts here I’m looking forward to Hanna which releases today. Luckily I have the best wife in the world and she doesn’t require me to see chick flicks (those are reserved for the Netflix Queue) in theaters. She’s so great I got to enjoy Taken in theaters instead of the romantic comedy Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago, on Valentine’s Day for that matter. So tonight being date night for the two of us, she allowed me to pencil in Hanna for the after dinner movie.

I live in NH, my town is rural but the city where I work and where the theater resides is not (but maybe rural compared to an actual CITY) So Hanna is only showing in 1 screen, RPX. What the F is RPX, Regal Cinemas info from their site can’t be to specific, their main page just shows the add on trailer that plays before the movie (think THX opening) and the horrible tag line “The Best Picture You’ve Ever Heard”

So this sent me to Google, there are a lot of mini reviews out there on it but nothing about my Po-dunk NH theater which for some reason is one of the elite 12 in the country to have this RPX designation. Found an image that can explain what I was able to locate about it:

I’m a former movie theater employee, working both projection and box office, and understanding uncompressed surround sound makes me drool, mix that with digital projection and I’m almost passing out. As I’ve stated before, going out to movies should be an experience, and RPX seems to justify that in my initial impression. So needless to say, the $10.50 ticket price for a regular movie isn’t premium enough for RPX. These tickets cost $14 for one show. This is where I’m glad I have the Living Social promo, purchasing the tickets on Fandango.com it adds a $1.25 convenience fee, so 2 tickets ran $30.50, way to get the most out of my promo, it only cost me $9.50, and I get to experience RPX.

Don’t worry, I’ll put a post up of my experiences tonight in the RPX theater. There doesn’t seem to be too many reviews of the theater experience itself since RPX has only been showing up in random theaters since mid-November.

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