This YouTube clip created using original content spliced with clips from Transformers: Dark of the Moon is to remind you that summer movies aren’t about substance, they are about ENTERTAINMENT.

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We go to the movies to be entertained, but to be entertained you have to have your expectations set correctly to enjoy what you watch. Example, I went into watching Sucker Punch not expecting a huge story or well written characters but I didn’t expect what I got which was a series of action sequences spliced together by a weak and far fetched story. I didn’t expect it to be Citizen Kane or any other great cinematic story, but I didn’t expect it to be as light as it was.

Transformers unfortunately walks such a thin line, it’s an action movie above and beyond anything else, but because of it’s history on the small screen and toys people are expecting something I don’t ever think they are going to get what the fans of the toys and TV shows are really looking for. Every one of them gives me exactly what I’m looking for, it gives me a smile on my face and heart pumping action.

Transformers is polarizing in that the fans of it’s past are looking for mythology and story arcs to tie back into what they remember as a kid, but it’s not going to do that. Think about it, if those stories were meant to continue they would have, the show was cancelled. The only job the movies have is to keep with the same general idea, doesn’t have to be cannon to the other stories, just has to match and then from that point on from the first movie, they only need to attach themselves to the arcs and mythology that they started. Other than that, give me my wonderful symphony of mayhem and destruction. Because my 5 year old certainly doesn’t care when he sees the trailers that there is no story, and he won’t care when we hit it up in 3D next Tuesday!

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