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It’s officially official that the iPhone event is officially October 4th.

The iPhone 5 Event Is Officially October 4th [Iphone 5] (http://gizmodo as seen on Gizmodo

Keep it coming Netflix, you’ve separated Disks and Streaming for better contracts, first Discovery, now Dreamworks animation! More please.

Netflix Receives Dreamworks Animation Shot in the Arm [NetFlix] (http://gizmodo as seen on Gizmodo

I love documentaries, and my daughter loves her Elmo…

‘Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey’ Trailer (http://www NULL.slashfilm as seen on /Film

David Fincher + Trent Reznor again, you have my full undivided attention! This looks AWESOME!

4 Minute Trailer: David Fincher’s ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ (http://www NULL.slashfilm as seen on /Film

I will have to give this one a shot as it’s working with Whisper Sync which is just down right convenient!

Amazon’s Kindle Gets A Library Card (http://www NULL.wired as seen on Epicenter

Awesome unique tool out there to connect up your different web based apps to get the most out of your services. Can’t really complain, works well as I posted this update with the tool.

How to Supercharge All Your Favorite Webapps with ifttt [Hack Attack] as seen on Lifehackerby (author unknown) (http://lifehacker