Off-Focus is a blog where I can relax and put up my thoughts on a lot of different subjects. My intentions at this time are to cover technology, entertainment, and sports. I’m not a reporter so my articles may not be timely for certain subjects, I’ll also post reviews of software, movies, occasionally TV shows (but I’m not a fan of episode reviews) and I might post my opinions on different sports topics. I’m a tech geek, I’m a more recent convert to the world of Apple, I’m an iPhone and Mac user. but I still might make some comments on PC’s.

If you’re still wondering about what ‘Off-Focus’ is, I’ll leave you with a quote from my late father:

“All our adult lives we’re told to stay on track, to keep our eye on the prize and to focus in on what’s important. This site is where I can be off-focus and explore those things that maybe aren’t so unimportant after all”