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Great list of multiplayer games for iPhone, I haven’t tried many of these, but one that’s not on the list is Fruit Ninja which also has a great multiplayer option to it.

10 Best Live Multiplayer Games for iPhone (http://feeds NULL.mashable as seen on Mashable!

Having just watched this for the first time thanks to a recommendation from Reddit. I have to say this is an awesome movie, I’ve actually watched it twice since then and still wouldn’t mind seeing it a dozen more times, I catch things and thoughts every time.

Infographic: The Many Timelines of Shane Carruth’s Brilliant ‘Primer’ (http://www NULL.slashfilm as seen on /Film

It’s officially official that the iPhone event is officially October 4th.

The iPhone 5 Event Is Officially October 4th [Iphone 5] (http://gizmodo as seen on Gizmodo

Keep it coming Netflix, you’ve separated Disks and Streaming for better contracts, first Discovery, now Dreamworks animation! More please.

Netflix Receives Dreamworks Animation Shot in the Arm [NetFlix] (http://gizmodo as seen on Gizmodo

I love documentaries, and my daughter loves her Elmo…

‘Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey’ Trailer (http://www NULL.slashfilm as seen on /Film

David Fincher + Trent Reznor again, you have my full undivided attention! This looks AWESOME!

4 Minute Trailer: David Fincher’s ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ (http://www NULL.slashfilm as seen on /Film

I will have to give this one a shot as it’s working with Whisper Sync which is just down right convenient!

Amazon’s Kindle Gets A Library Card (http://www NULL.wired as seen on Epicenter

I’ve always found that I have to understand what other people think are good movies to know how to ‘read’ their reviews. Just because someone says one movie is a must see, you have to know what else they put into that category so you know if you really have to see what they are recommending. So here is some of my favorite movies, I really can’t put them in order other than the first is my all time favorite, but the others are up there, just no great enough to dethrone the top. I’ve also included the link to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) so you can read up, Trailer links to YouTube of the preview of the movie!

Without further ado! My picks

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This is a blog where I can stretch my legs and relax. What is ‘Off-Focus’ well this site used to be my fathers, he passed away in September 2010 after a brief fight with pancreatic cancer. I’ll let his words explain what ‘Off-Focus’ is:

“All our adult lives we’re told to stay on track, to keep our eye on the prize and to focus in on what’s important. This site is where I can be off-focus and explore those things that maybe aren’t so unimportant after all”

So there you have it, I plan on using this space to expand on my interests in Technology, Entertainment, Sports and general wastes of time. I hope you enjoy what you read.

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