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This is RPX

A month ago I asked what RPX was and the internet really wasn’t all that much help. Luckily I already had tickets to an RPX Show so I was going to find out anyways. I’ll make my answer brief at first; it’s a way for Regal Entertainment Group to get more of your money. In reality there are some differences from a standard film watching experience in a Regal Cineplex but I don’t feel that that benefits the movie going audience to match the $4 add on in the ticket price (non-3D).

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What is RPX?

What is RPX? Well the short of it is it’s an acronym for Regal Premium Experience and it’s offered by Regal Cinemas nationwide. According to their site it’s available in 12 theaters right now (http://www NULL.regmovies Po-dunk NH seems to have one, just recently installed, not even open for a month. I didn’t seek this out, I’m just lucky.

I’ve seen plenty of movies on different screens like IMAX (Tron:Legacy most recently) and IMAX has a lot to offer, but what is RPX going to give me? My only one concern with it is unlike IMAX, it’s just a way to show a movie. IMAX is a different way to shoot the movie, much larger frame, and if you saw Tron:Legacy in IMAX 3D then you should understand. Tron:Legacy was brilliantly presented in standard film stock and IMAX in addition to 2D and 3D, only turning to IMAX 3D when they were on the Grid, the real world was 2D standard film stock. RPX Doesn’t have this, is that going to set it appart? In a good or bad way?

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The interwebs are buzzing with joy, as we have the first extended length Captain America: The First Avenger trailer. I love the period piece beginnings, then it kicks it up to full throttle ass kicking. I’m really thinking the Avengers movie is going to be amazing, getting the cast together will be AWESOME. Here’s cast list and then hit the jump for the trailer.


Chris Evans Steve Rogers / Captain America
Hugo Weaving Johann Schmidt / The Red Skull
Tommy Lee Jones Col. Chester Phillips
Stanley Tucci Abraham Erskine
Hayley Atwell Peggy Carter
Dominic Cooper Howard Stark

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The day has finally come… Angry Birds Rio! An all new game from developer Rovio Mobile (http://www NULL.roviomobile At about 11:00pm ET the iOS app store was updated with the new $0.99 game. The fundamentals are the same, but you’re not killing pigs, you’re resucuing rare birds from the film Rio (http://www There looks to be a lot of staying power for the game as well, there seems to be a lot of different levels, but only the first 2 are unlocked at first. The others look to unlock similar to how Angry Birds Seasons handled Christmas, with time. Each month March and April are already unlocked (April 15th is when Rio hits theaters) and then one level each month till November (I’d assume this is when the DVD/Blu-Ray will hit stores). Over all a great marketing idea by 20th Century Fox, keeps people that are playing the game because of the movie playing it until the movie can be purchased.

As for the game, it’s the usualy Angry Birds but there are minor differences, yeah wood, cement and glass structures are there, but there are other materials too, took me a couple of tries to figure out how to use them to my advantage. Gone are the Golden Eggs, replaced by Golden Fruit, but still just as hidden. Only down side to a seasoned Angry Birds player is that it’s simpler to master the first couple of levels, which is expected for a all new game, but I expect them to really ramp it up and quick since the game is extremely popular.

More insights, the gameplay trailer and screenshots after the jump

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A couple hours ago @Super8Movie posted the first full length Trailer for Steven Spielberg produced JJ Abrams directed Super 8 (http://www NULL.twitvid only on TwitVid right now so no embed but here is the link: (http://www NULL.twitvid

My initial reaction is that it screams classic. I have faith in Abrams after seeing Star Trek that he knows how to handle Sci-Fi, and with Cloverfield he definately knows how to handle creature features. Having this movie set in the past with mostly unknown/lesser known actors is a great formula. I’m looking forward to this movie, and have been since the teaser hit last year. Definately an IMAX worthy movie, and probably the movie I’m looking forward to most this summer, as it’s original meterial not a sequel or based on a comic book.

Update (3/24): Trailer is now able to embeded to this site… here you go!

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up next week, Angry Birds developer Rovio Mobile (http://roviomobile has just posted to the iTunes App Store (Android and other to follow very shortly) the 1.3 update to Angry Birds Seasons (http://itunes [iTunes]. I’m incredibly addicted to all things Angry Birds. I’ve mastered all the previous Angry Birds updates so I eagerly await the release of their updates.

As usual Rovio has stepped up their game, they know that there are people that really look forward to these updates and beating a level might not be that much more difficult, but mastery (3 stars) often gets harder as updates go on. Nothing like hitting 150,000 points and only 2 starring a level!

If you haven’t tried Angry Birds I’d highly recommend giving it a go. It’s a simple game to pick up and still offers repeat playing to get 3 stars on all levels. Then there’s also the side game of finding all the Golden Eggs and solving their puzzles! If paying for it bothers you, try the Free versions first, but I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. Besides $0.99 for a game of this quality and added features coming on a regular basis is a no brainer. If you think about it, you drop at least that much money in change in your pocket when you sit down in the car!

Click ahead for some screenshots and what’s new!

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So excited, nothing better than a fantasicly crude and off topic comedy. Sequels don’t often work, but I’m optomistic about this one!

In “The Hangover Part II,” Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Alan (Zach Galifianakis) and Doug (Justin Bartha) travel to exotic Thailand for Stu’s wedding. After the unforgettable bachelor party in Las Vegas, Stu is taking no chances and has opted for a safe, subdued pre-wedding brunch. However, things don’t always go as planned. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in Bangkok can’t even be imagined.

Hit this link (http://trailers to get a small peek at what’s coming this Memorial Day

Wow, must be getting close to go time for the movies! New Trailers for Source Code and Sucker Punch just hit the Interwebs

Hit past the jump to watch

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Now this is a comedy! I feel like most of the post ‘The Hangover’ movies just keep trying to recreate the same thing, but this has an entirely different feel to it. LOVE IT!

Trailer is Red Band, but no visual problems, just language so NSFW (unless you got headphones)

Wow – I’m currently looking at a way to integrate my TV to accomidate my media needs that come from the digital realm. Barebones systems, AppleTV, Boxee Box, Roku? I’ve seen nothing as cheap as this. I’m thinking install Ubuntu on it and then run XBMC, that way I can have a multimedia hub for my TV and be one step closer to cutting the cable at the house?

Take a look at the mini-trailer they’ve put together with the specs and tell me it’s not drool worthy.

Source: Xtreamer (http://www NULL.xtreamer