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With St. Patrick’s Day coming up next week, Angry Birds developer Rovio Mobile (http://roviomobile NULL.com/) has just posted to the iTunes App Store (Android and other to follow very shortly) the 1.3 update to Angry Birds Seasons (http://itunes NULL.apple NULL.com/us/app/angry-birds-seasons/id398157641) [iTunes]. I’m incredibly addicted to all things Angry Birds. I’ve mastered all the previous Angry Birds updates so I eagerly await the release of their updates.

As usual Rovio has stepped up their game, they know that there are people that really look forward to these updates and beating a level might not be that much more difficult, but mastery (3 stars) often gets harder as updates go on. Nothing like hitting 150,000 points and only 2 starring a level!

If you haven’t tried Angry Birds I’d highly recommend giving it a go. It’s a simple game to pick up and still offers repeat playing to get 3 stars on all levels. Then there’s also the side game of finding all the Golden Eggs and solving their puzzles! If paying for it bothers you, try the Free versions first, but I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. Besides $0.99 for a game of this quality and added features coming on a regular basis is a no brainer. If you think about it, you drop at least that much money in change in your pocket when you sit down in the car!

Click ahead for some screenshots and what’s new!

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Wow, must be getting close to go time for the movies! New Trailers for Source Code and Sucker Punch just hit the Interwebs

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