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Wow – I’m currently looking at a way to integrate my TV to accomidate my media needs that come from the digital realm. Barebones systems, AppleTV, Boxee Box, Roku? I’ve seen nothing as cheap as this. I’m thinking install Ubuntu on it and then run XBMC, that way I can have a multimedia hub for my TV and be one step closer to cutting the cable at the house?

Take a look at the mini-trailer they’ve put together with the specs and tell me it’s not drool worthy.

Source: Xtreamer (http://www NULL.xtreamer NULL.net/Ultra/)

Well I’m a technical person, but I’ve never worked with WordPress before, it’s quite unique. There still might be some minor changes in the blog but it’s starting to get to where I want it. Thank you to anyone who is reading this for keeping with the blog during it’s rebirth.

For those reading, please leave me a comment and let me know if there is something that you’d like to see here, or something that you don’t like as well, I can take it, I promise!